“My name is professor Phillip Goodman. My job is to explain the unexplainable, untangle the truth from fiction.

“You don’t have to have your life ruled by superstitious fear. The brain sees what it wants to see.

“I understand how easy it is to get confused.

“Everything is exactly as it seems…”

A few lines from the upcoming British horror film “Ghost Stories”, releasing in 2018. The premise is that a skeptical professor who debunks tales of ghosts receives an anonymous package. It contains details of three supposed hauntings, “unsolved” by the mysterious messenger.

The professor embarks on an investigation which, as the trailer suggests, is full of enlightenment (and terror) for our skeptic.

I hadn’t heard of this before, but I’m intrigued by the trailer. The only actor I recognize in the cast is Martin Freeman, who I’ve not yet seen in a horror role, unless you count “The World’s End”.

According to IMDB, it’s already hit some film festivals in 2017 and opens in UK theaters in April 2018. The US release just says 2018, but hopefully it’ll be around the same time as overseas. Not sure if this will release wide enough for me to see it in a local theater, but I’ll certainly be streaming it whenever it’s available.

Check out the trailer:

Here are some stills from the trailer: